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Found a Disney fanfic that you can't stop talking about? Or do you need help finding good Disney fanfiction? Either way, you've come to the right place! Here, like other fanfic recs communities, you can advertise good fanfiction, but, unlike other communities, you can also ask for recommendations.

You can rec stories from any Disney-related fandom: animated movies, Pixar, live-action movies, TV series, theme parks, video games, musicals, etc.

Stories of any rating, G through NC-17, are allowed, as long as they are correctly labled and the summary is rated G.

Making a Recommendation

Story title:
Plot summary:
Main characters/pairings:
...and, briefly, why do you like this story?

Asking for a Recommendation

Basically, when you ask for a rec, be as specific as possible.

Bad example: I'm looking for good Little Mermaid fanfiction.

Good example: I'm looking for Little Mermaid fanfiction, preferably taking place before the movie. PG rating or under is preferred. No fics starring original characters, please.

Posts breaking the rules will be deleted.

1. No self-recommendations. To make sure recs aren't biased. The only exception is if someone requests a recommendation, and your story fits his/her criteria.

2. Be respectful. You're allowed to disagree with others, but you're not allowed to make personal attacks or insults.

3. Stay on topic. Preferably, just stick to recs, but any topic relating to Disney fanfiction is allowed.

4. Have fun!


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