Seeking Disney Fans to Commune with?

I joined this comm a long time ago and never really did get LJ at the time to work properly for me.  Now that it finally is, I've found it again and regret to see that it's pretty well dead.  I know that those who subscribes here in the first place were hoping to find other Disney fans that they could commune with, so I thought I'd invite you all to a Disney comm I've found that actually is ACTIVE!

It's called Disney_Uberland and consists of five teams playing against each other in all sorts of competitions to see who can reach 5,000 points first.  Competitions include, but are far from limited to, icons, fics, fan mixes, lists, and trivia.  The teams are Team Stitch (of which I am honored to be a part of) for all heroes and adorable characters; Team Sharpay for all live action Disneys; Team Ariel for all Disney Princesses; Team Scar for all Disney villains; and Team Wall-e for all Pixars. The first winners were Team Scar, and though we tip our hats to them, we, Team Stitch, hope to be the next winners -- and we hope that you will join us, regardless of whether it be as a team member or a fellow community member! Please do come by and join us; we promise you'll have fun!

Please also remember to tell them that I, OrliDepp and a member of Team Stitch, invited you as my team will garner points for your recruiment.


I also have fics that I invite you all to check out but have far too many different fandoms and stories to post them all here separately.  They can be found at http://www.fanfiction.net/~PiratesSparrowandTurner.  Finally, for those of you seeking more activity in the Disney fan fiction area, perhaps you'd like to check out the board I run, Ficcers Unite, where we have almost daily challenges, including a new Disney/Marvel challenege posted every Monday, at http://ficcersunite.proboards.com.  Disney_Uberland and FFN is open to all ages, but we do ask that you be of legal age in your country of residence to join Ficcers Unite as there will be adult material being posted.

Happy Disney Dreaming to one and all!  :-)


Pirate Turner

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This is my first post to this community. However, I must say that I am so glad that I have found this place! I absolutely love Disney and I absolutely love writing. Perfect marriage, no?

So, anyway, I come bearing a story. Here it is:

Fandom: /Three Caballeros
Title: El Regreso de los Tres Caballeros
Characters: Donald Duck, Panchito Pistoles, José Carioca
Category: Humor, Drama, General
Rating: K maybe K+

Follow the link:


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Beauty and the Beast Meets Cinderella

 Hello, this is my new fanfic. It is beauty and the beast and a cinderella story together. It does not have the names of belle and Cinderella but it does have the name of a step sister from cinderella. Please let me know what you think. 

The fear was present in her dark eyes as she turned to face her father, as was the anger and the determination.

            “So that’s it then, you are just going to drop me out in the forest and the hell with me?” Kendra said as she raises her chin just an inch while facing her father

            “I have no other choice! What do you want from me!”

            “A father who cares about his youngest daughter!” Kendra screamed back. A part of her realized that she would more then willing to make this sacrifice as long as her step mother does not hurt her sisters. As the youngest sister and the ugliest one, she is the most logical choice to go.

            Kendra is the youngest out of three girls with straight brown hair and intense violet eyes. There is nothing special about her at least not when one looks at her sisters.  Her oldest sister, Cecelia has natural blond ringlets that reach below her hips. Her eyes are a deep blue that causes anyone who looks at her to get lost in her eyes. Her lips are naturally pouting and a rose red.

 The only positive attribute that Kendra has that she lacks is that Kendra has a fuller figure then her sister does. She have full breasts and wide child-bearing hips when compared to Cecelia who has a flatter and less curvy figure. Cecelia’s disposition is kinder and sweeter then Kendra’s also.  Kendra is known to have a loud mouth and who speaks her mind whereas, Cecelia is quieter and who speaks only when spoken to. Although Cecelia is intelligent, she listens only to what her father tells her and will never think to fight him. Kendra is known for her wild temper and for her strength of character which also causes her to be looked down upon by the upper-class society. Her sister is the best and the most beautiful and that makes it most likely that she will find a suitor.

Her other sister, Anastasia is the middle sister who causes everyone to turn and stare at her. She is the envy of men and women a like. She has deep chestnut hair  that curls around her mid back. She has clear and gentle green eyes, which are fringed with long eyelashes. Her fair complexion and her pouting red red lips cause heads to turn and to stare. Her full curvy body and her strong personality make her memorable. Anastasia will say what is on her mind but in a sweeter way then Kendra and since society likes her, mostly for her looks, Anastasia can speak her mind which is a privilege that Kendra does not have.

All three sisters have grown up in a privilege society where all of their wants and needs are provided from them. The sisters are not biological, at least the older two girls with Kendra. There was a time where it was just Frederick, Kendra and Leslie. Frederick who works as a trader in the Kingdom of Aurora, use to be the most well respected trader and whose revenue made his family almost as well known and as rich as the King’s. He married Leslie who is Kendra’s mother.

Leslie was a gorgeous woman with bright amber eyes and a very strong mind. Her sense of humor and her vivacious character kept her in everyone’s hearts. She was well loved in society and passed her strength of character onto her only child.

Leslie and Frederick were matched by their parents and did not meet until the day of their wedding. He fell in love with her immediately, or at least to her looks. Leslie, as the out spoken woman as she is stood against her parents the whole way. She was only 17 years old when she married Kendra’s father who was 35 at the time. She faught all the way to the alter and the only reason that she agreed to the wedding was that her father threatened to have her beloved sister to go in her place. 


Investigating The Fan Fiction Phenomenon


We are a group of readers and writers who love to read fan fiction on the net.  We are interested in finding out what makes the writers tick!  To this end we created a community where every fan fiction writer can write freely about their fandom and tell the world about where this urge to do so comes from. 
So it's not another site  where you can post your fiction; it's a site where you write about yourself and your love for writing fan fiction. We ask for a one-time entry about your motives for writing so that we can collect a great variety of entries about  infatuation, writing-urges and admiration for many, many fandoms.

The community can be found herefanwriting
Check it out and write something about yourself for a change!
Shego by Lueurdete

Asking for recommedation

I'm looking for an Aristocats fanfiction, one that either takes place before or after the movie, any rating, and that is not in Fanfiction.net because i've read every single one there. Your help will be greatly appreciated.
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Hello people!

Hi! I'm new here, and I love Disney fan fics, especially Aristocats and Peter Pan ones. If anyone can find good ones, please tell me! I hope I can also write one sometime.~_^ BTW I'm Liz.
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never give up

Hey Disney Fanfic Writers!!!

Hey everyone! I just wanted to let you all know that I am now a new member of this community! I love writing fanfics, preferably aladdin, but I also like to make icons, blinkies, and layouts. I will hopefully get around to writing a fanfic for all of you to read sometime soon, but with school and everything I am usually pretty busy, but I will write soon enough! Thanks a bunch! Can't wait to read what the rest of you write as well! Thanks! Talk to you later!!

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Hi everyone!

Hi everyone my name is Lydia! I am a big disney fan. I love to do fanfics perferably Aladdin ones!! I love writting! I am new! But this is the perfect community!! :)
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